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Our bags are world's first and patent-pending

authentic cassette tape bags with interchangeable front.


Artisan made products with quality that will last a life time.

The Art In Me Beret

The Art In Me Beret

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Musicnaire Belt & Reversible Color Leather Strap

Musicnaire Belt & Reversible Color Leather Strap



Musicnaire is a woman-owned, artisan brand based in the United States. We create one of a kind fashion items for anyone who loves music.

A woman-owned business

Designed in the USA

Artisan Made

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Craftsmanship and quality

Musicnaire is a registered trademark of Musicnaire Inc. A company created by Runyaro Brilliant.

Our bags are patent-pending designs exclusively to Musicnaire.

All rights are reserved on the images, design, and the trademarked brand for Musicnaire (2021).

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