Authentic Handcrafted Cassette Tape Handbags


  The founder grew up in the cassette tape era. One day came up with an idea with authentic cassette tapes that later captivated the world.  She never knew her idea would have landed her on TV along with having celebrities rock her special creative one of a kind style. She first wore her crossbody bag in Manhattan, New York. Many people stopped her and then asked her, where did she purchase such a bag! People were taking pictures of this particular handbag like the paparazzi. Runyaro knew right then and there she had a household creation. She later started making other styles and designs with authentic cassette tapes. What makes her handbags different from any handbag out there is that they are all specially handcrafted by her hands. They are also patent-pending because of this one of kind creation. 


 One year later after starting the brand, Musicnaire authentic Cassette Tapes has brought attention to the world. Each cassette tape is authentic and can be played in a tape recorder. These handbags are definitely a conversation piece. Musicnaire Cassette Tape handbags come in Cow-hide, Goat, and many high-quality types of leather/materials. These handbags can vary in different colors and sizes. It also comes in 3 styles, such as a Fanny Pack, Cross Body, and the signature Tote. Musicnaire handbags creation started off being made by Runyaro hands using just a curve small needle.


Runyaro created her Fanny Packs in the year of 2017. She designed this bag to give the 80's feel and 90s fashion look. She wanted to captivate the crowd with a bold look for the love of music. Musicnaire fanny packs are the most popular items in the Musicnaire collection. The fanny pack shown in the photo below is our special edition fanny pack which has a 14kt. Gold look. These are 14kt. Gold plated cassette tapes. 


Runyaro designs caught the attention of head creators of household designers in New York. This attention allowed Musicnaire to be on the NYFW runway show.  The new brand Musicnaire finally began to make a name for itself. The creator/artisan, Runyaro had taken her designs to the next level. She then began to start creating different special picked materials on the authentic cassette tapes. The bag shown below is a full black leather cassette tape handbag. The cassette tapes have leather on top of it. The black cow-hide leather was customized on the authentic cassette tapes.  We can assure you that you never have seen anything like this. This is handbag is one of kind! Runyaro created her own patterns and sewed her handbags with just one needle and her 10 fingers. This is what makes her designs so exclusively unique. Musicnaire is a brand that gives authentic looks and real vintage/past stories that come alive through music. Now that Runyaro knows how to use a sewing machine, she is able to sew her own handbags to make more products in a more timely fashion. 


 Musicnaire creation had a strong good year in 2019! Runyaro took her bags to a whole another level. She began to create other creative styles such as hand-painted graffiti designs on the cassette tapes. She also created one of kind styles that had Gold spikes sticking out of the cassette tapes that she customized. She handcrafted each spike on the cassette tape. 


  This year we will be launching our new collection in the summer. We are proud of our progress. Musicnaire has come along way! A young woman from Detroit Michigan with talents and dreams for the love of Music and Fashion. Her high drive took her to high horizons. Her determination got her company this far. She plans to launch her own manufactured company in the fall of 2021. There is more to come with her brand. Her brand means more than just making money. It's a passion that Runyaro will always want to keep alive for generations to come. (MUSIC)

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