Our handbags are designed from scratch. The founder came up with this idea for having a passion for music. She first started drawing her designs by adding the authentic cassette tapes on the front of the bag without any other material showing. She wanted to give that illusion of just seeing the cassette tapes on the front of the handbag. 



Every material for our handcrafted handbags has high quality. They are personally chosen by the founder and her team. The material comes from Milan, Italy. We make sure the quality will last a lifetime. Our goal is to bring you high quality!


Each handbag is hand-stitched with a small curve needle, along with the proper screws and high-quality gold plated cassette tapes to keep the rich gold shine and topcoat finishing without rusting. 

IMG_1933 (3).jpg

Musicnaire is a registered trademark of Musicnaire Inc. A company created by Runyaro Brilliant.

Our bags are patent-pending designs exclusively to Musicnaire.

All rights are reserved on the images, design, and the trademarked brand for Musicnaire (2021).

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