Musicnaire is a brand that caters to people who love music. Everyone loves music! Musicnaire is a brand where music becomes fashion. We love to make people feel authentic music through the art of our apparel. We want to make sure that you experience something that you've never experienced before. That experience is getting the world's first authentic cassette tape handbag. Musicnaire believes in everyone who experiences real music throughout their lifetime. It's a way of life. It is apart of everyone's life. Without music, there will be no Musicnaire. We all have one thing in common, MUSIC. Welcome to Musicnaire. 

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Meet The Creator

Fashion Designer / Author / Entrepreneur

The founder grew up in the cassette tape era. One day Runyaro came up with an idea with authentic cassette tapes being on handbags that later captivated the world.  She never knew her idea would have landed her on TV, along with having celebrities rock her special creative one of kind style. She first wore her crossbody bag in Manhattan, New York. Many people stopped her and then asked her, where did she purchase such a bag! People were taking pictures of this particular handbag like the paparazzi. Runyaro knew right then and there she had a household creation. She later started making other styles and designs with authentic cassette tapes. What makes her handbags different from any other handbag out there is that they are all specially handcrafted by her hands. They are also patent-pending, because of this one of kind creation! 

Please click the link below for Runyaro Bio in the Metro Times.


Meet The Team

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Runyaro Brilliant

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Founder of Musicnaire

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Peter Zu

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Design Director of Musicnaire 

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Creative Director of Musicnaire